Ready is a three piece suite of songs for jazz chamber ensemble. The lyrics for the first two movements "Train Track" and "Lemon Tree" are written by Rick Hale and I wrote the lyrics for the final movement, "The Sea."

Five on 5

Five on 5 is a new jazz quintet I started in Los Angeles. The groups music implements traditional jazz styles with a cinematic approach.

Taking Out the Trash

Logan Hone- alto saxophone, Sean Shackelford- trombone, Rober Perez- piano, Zephyr Adee- bass, Efa Etoroma- drum set

Large Ensemble Pieces

Orange Nature

Soloists: Taylor Herron- alto saxophone, David McWilliams- flugelhorn, Nate Woodring- drum set, Jerrik Matthews- trombone


TVSQ is not a traditional saxophone quartet trying to play jazz. These are jazz musicians who know how to improvise on anything from a beautiful ballad to a nasty blues. The versatility of this group has provided me the opportunity to expand beyond the normal pallet of the saxophone quartet repertoire by using swing and extended improvised sections.

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Two Of Us

(Royce Phillips- soprano saxophone, Taylor Herron- alto saxophone, Ryan Freitas- tenor saxophone, Travis Sinclair- baritone saxophone)